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Agriturismo in Pisa

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Agriturismo in Pisa
Founded around the seventh century BC, Pisa was initially situated on the sea. Due to the development of the relief of the sea bed the shore has receded over time.
In the Middle Ages, Pisa was a flourishing port, rivalling with those of Venice and Genoa. During the battle of Meloria (August 1284), Genoese ships destroyed the entire Pisan fleet, which initiated a period of decline for the city. In 1406, having ceded the territories of Corsica and Sardegna, Pisa came under Florentine jurisdiction.
Fortunately, the Medicis devoted particular attention to the city, and in the sixteenth century the city experienced a revival, especially in the sciences. With its factories and its harbours, Pisa is today the engine of Tuscany’s economic growth. It is also endowed with great architectural riches such as, for example, the Leaning Tower, the angle of which is due to the shallow soil under its foundations. Today, the “Torre Pendente” is not accessible to the public.

Surrounding area

Casciana Terme
This site lies to the south of Pontedera. In the heart of the hills covered with olive groves and vineyards. The properties of its waters were known even in Roman times and the first thermal baths were established by the Pisans in 1311. Today the cures are recommended for problems of hypertension, arthritis, rheumatism and so on.

Church of San Piero a Grado
This very beautiful basilica in Romanesque-Pisan style, built in the eleventh century, stands alone in midst of the landscape. The interior of the church is decorated with frescos by Orlandi of the thirteenth century.

The town of Larderello owes its name to Francis of Larderello who was the first, in 1818, to extract boric acid from the “lagons” (muddy boiling water) in Montecerboli. It is now a centre for the production of electricity. In the buildings of the electrical society Enel, the museum of Geothermics houses a covered “lagon” and a thermal source.

San Miniato
This charming town with a medieval atmosphere is situated between Florence and Pisa. Although suffering the onslaught of the industrialisation of the Arno valley, the town nevertheless manages to preserve its essential character. It is also a centre for leather crafts.

A sea-side resort with some beautiful beaches. The village of Tirrenia is siutated in a pine forest at the crossroads of Livorno and the mouth of the Arno.

Of Etruscan foundation, this medieval borough offers exceptional panoramic views on the valleys of Cecina and Era. Its reputation rests on its archaeological museum with its treasures excavated in burial sites in the region. Numerous funerary urns evoke the still mysterious Etruscan civilisation.

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