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Agriturismo in Grosseto

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Agriturismo in Grosseto
Capital of the Maremme (see below), Grosseto was founded in 935. From 1336 it belonged to Siena, then, from 1559, to the Medicis. It was they who built the city fortifications. Until 1897, the town was deserted every summer. In fact, it was only after extensive work on draining the marshes that the air finally became more healthy.
Surrounding area:

A sea-side resort with beautiful villas carefully hidden in greenery. The visitor will also find, on top of the hill, the ruins of Cosa, a Roman colony dating back to 273 BC.

Castiglione della Pescaia
Castiglione della Pescaia is one of the Maremme’s more renowned sea-side resorts. Dominated by the fortified Aragonese castle of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the town is also a fishing harbour.

Ile de Giannutri
Part of the Tuscan archipelago, the island of Giannutri is a private property and can be visited only at certain times of the year. The remains of a Roman villa dating back to the first century AD are worth an excursion.

Ile de Giglio
Situated along the Argentario, Giglio, with a surface area of 22 square km is the second island of the Tuscan archipelago. Characterised by a hilly relief and covered in undergrowth, Giglio has three populated centres: Giglio Porto, a port, Giglio Castello, a medieval borough, and Campese with its beach. The island’s vineyards produce a local wine called Ansonico.

An ancient marshy area, the Maremme only became economically viable after extensive drainage and sanitation works at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, the land has become fertile for agriculture and the little fishing villages have been turned into sea-side resorts. Tourism now plays an important part in the area.
The nature reserve of the Maremme is almost entirely taken up by the mountainous “Monti dell’Ucellina” and covered in forests. At its heart, the ‘butteri’, (traditional shepherds of the cattle herds of the Maremme) continue to raise horses and buffaloes. Scores of visitors flock each year to the ‘merca’, the annual marking of the cattle on 1 May.

Massa Maritima
A splendid medieval village that has retained all its old-time charm, Massa Maritima harbours great artitsic treasures. Its medieval past is re-enacted twice a year, during the Balestro del Grirafalco (see ? for the calendar of festivals). Any visit to Massa Maritima should include the Piazza Garibaldi and the Cathedral.

Mont Amiata (see Siena)

Of Etruscan origin, later colonised by the Romans, Pitigliano harbours some Renaissance buildings. The town passed through the hands of the Aldobrandeschi family, later the Roman counts of Orsini, before eventually joining the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Perched on the edge of a gorge, the town offers spectacular views.

Punta Ala
An elegant sea-side resort nestled in pine forests. It has some beautiful hotels.

The town of Saturnia is known for its Etruscan and Roman remains, but above all as a spa: the baths of Saturnia are centred on sulphurous springs with a water temperature of 37 degrees celsius. The waters are believed to be beneficial for skin and respiratory ailments.

An ancient Etruscan and Roman centre, Sovana retains its medieval aspect and has preserved some of its past glories. The main street is flanked by many medieval houses, and there are some restaurants and boutiques.

Of Etruscan origin, the fishing village Talamone is small but lively thanks to the yacht harbour and sea-side resort. The village is surrounded by an imposing fortress.

A small medieval village of the Maremme with remains of the old fortified walls.
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